Future Internet of America
Dynamic Web Solutions are based on high-level development by state-of-the-art programmers and designers in Chicago. Our solutions are custom to meet your needs including web solutions based on content management tools, database applications, extranet, intranet, flash (splash and shockwave), and interactive applications. Chicago is our home, but we also cover the entire Midwest region including Indiana and Michigan.

Why build a site simply filled with yesterday's sales literature, when you can surpass your competition and delight your customers with a dynamic and interactive site, the best in your industry? How many potential customers are you willing to lose? Call 866-932-3973 or email us today at info@fi-america.com. Feel free to review our latest works locally & abroad:

On-Line Refinishing Services

Extranet Insurance Web Solution

Flash E-Commerce Solution Floral Shop

Medical Supplier Multilingual Commercial Site

Business Trade Group Solution

Furniture Trade Show

Medical Practice Group

Fine Media Group - E-Commmerce Solution for on-line videos

Third Largest Defense Exhibition in the World

Petroleum Exhibition

Distributor of Konica, Panasonic, and 3M

Future Media - Fujitsu Plasma Distributors

On-line Fashion/Textile Site

International Shipping Line - Freight Forwarder

Furniture Store

B2B Jewellery Solution

On-Line Floral Shop

On-line persian rugs store

Commercial Site for Cable Servic Provider

Food Commodities Site

B2B Solution w/interactive flash

Commercial Site for Air Conditioners

Medical Laboratory w/B2B

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